Top 10 #MidYearBeerPremiere

After the Pressure Drop show that we recorded last Thursday we were joined by @grizzlybeers who took us through the Top 10 countdown of his #midyearbeerpremiere. ⁣

For those of you that aren’t aware of what this is, Grizzly invites the Instagram Craft Beer Community to submit their Top 9 UK brewed beers of the year so far. A lot of people really enjoy these countdowns and 200 people submitted Top 9’s those time around. An overall Top 16 is then compiled which he is currently announcing on IG. ⁣

We had every intention of stitching this into the Pressure Drop Episode but having listened to it thought that this 40 minute session was so damn entertaining that it deserved its own special episode. And here it is, streaming now on all formats with the added bonus that if you listen to this early enough you’ll find out the Top 5 before anyone else.

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