The Isolation Sessions – #4 – Pomona Island

Another week in lockdown, another Zoom recording with a guest star. This time it’s Gaz from the much lauded Pomona Island Brewery

It’s the regular “what have we all enjoyed drinking over the past 2 weeks” before we crack open the beers.

  1. Ken Lee – Pale Ale – Pomona Island
  2. An Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity – TIPA – Pomona Island
  3. Such Intense Dance Vibes – Pineapple & Guava Gose – Pomona Island

As well as our normal features, we talk Festivals, Future plans and Pomona’s lovely can artwork (by ). And if all that is not enough, we finish up with Ryan’s (@thebeardedbeerbloke) new regular “Ten Questions” slot where our viewers / listeners get as chance to ask the brewery.

Check out the Pomona Webshop to grab some of their beers. Be quick, they sell out fast!

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