The Isolation Sessions – #10 – Dual Cryo Shakeaway

We welcome our buddy @charlieayling1 from @craftcangang back along with regular guest Ryan @thebeardedbeerbloke for another episode putting a couple of beers head-to-head.

This time it’s Derbyshire-based Penritch Brewing with ‘Dream, Dream, Dreaming’ vs old favourites Pressure Drop with ‘7 Crystals For Psychic Abilities & Intuition‘.

Like the last episode, the beers were kindly provided by new online retailer who have been doing all kinds of great things during lockdown.

Hope you enjoy the show! As always, we loved recording it. Remember to follow us on Instagram. If you have any feedback please email us at If you enjoy the show then leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. Thanks for listening/watching.

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